Sales Courses

1: Customer Greeting Building a Strong Connection
Customer Greeting; It’s the first step in the sales process and arguably the most important one!
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1a: Deflecting & Handling Difficult Greetings
When a customer interrupts the sales process do you know how to handle it so you maintain rapport and control?
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2:Listen to Needs
Listen to needs is the second step in the sales process and a lot of really important things take place
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2a: Empathy – Coming Soon!
Empathy is the ability to understand how someone else is feeling. Your ability to communicate empathically with your customer can
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3: Offer Benefits and Build Priceless Value – Coming Soon!
Offer Benefits: Showing your customer how your product benefits them helps you build the value needed for the sale.
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4: Closing with Confidence – Coming Soon!
There is an ART to closing the sale, it takes confidence and an assumptive approach.
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Why People Buy
4a: Why People Buy
Having an understanding of why people buy can help you sell more! In this course discover the connection between needs
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5: Overcoming Objections – Coming Soon!
Objections are a natural part of the sales process and when a customer objects it means they are still interested.
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6: Effectively Using Sales Scripts
Sales scripts are powerful tools that can help you sound confident and make more sales. They help you stay on
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7: Cross Selling Success
Cross Selling (or x-selling) provides great customer service, supports your company and provides extra income opportunities for you!
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8: Successfully Selling to Different Customer Types
There’s a whole world of buyers out there and while everyone is a little different buyers do share common traits.
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sales examples
9: Real Sales in Action (Call Examples)
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