Sales Courses

Customer Greeting; It’s the first step in the sales process and arguably the most important one!
When a customer interrupts the sales process do you know how to handle it so you maintain rapport and control?
Listen to needs is the second step in the sales process and a lot of really important things take place
Empathy is the ability to understand how someone else is feeling. Your ability to communicate empathically with your customer can
Offer Benefits: Showing your customer how your product benefits them helps you build the value needed for the sale.
There is an ART to closing the sale, it takes confidence and an assumptive approach.
Why People Buy
Having an understanding of why people buy can help you sell more! In this course discover the connection between needs
Objections are a natural part of the sales process and when a customer objects it means they are still interested.
Sales scripts are powerful tools that can help you sound confident and make more sales. They help you stay on
Cross Selling (or x-selling) provides great customer service, supports your company and provides extra income opportunities for you!
There’s a whole world of buyers out there and while everyone is a little different buyers do share common traits.
sales examples
How does it sound when real sales people use what they learned at KO Sales Coach to interact with real